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Avoid social catastrophes at your wedding reception (think: your new boss seated with Auntie Drinks-too-much and Uncle Pull-my-finger!) with Places Everyone.… This new, easy-to-use “seating planner” kit contains a large…board that represents your reception space, plus a bunch of…pieces that designate tables…and guests… A marker to label the pieces with guests’ names and table numbers, and a nifty eraser pen to make changes are also included. Arrange and rearrange the pieces as you’d move pawns on a board game. Sounds like fun, huh? Make the right moves and your guests will thank you.”   – Bridal Guide Magazine,

It’s fabulous…It’s absolutely amazing…It makes everything so organized and neat. It makes doing your seating arrangements, which is always very difficult, much, much easier. It’s a great thing… This is a great gift and a wonderful gift for a bride – a great shower gift.”   – Joan Hamburg Radio Show – WOR Radio/www.WOR710.com

Places Everyoneoffers the very best way to keep track of your guests…Their unique, re-useable planning product allows you to add, remove, or change your guests, table locations, even the band or DJ. It allows you to see, at a glance, who is sitting with whom. Unlike paper or index cards, their magnetic pieces will not tear or move. Places Everyone comes with a marker and an Eraser Stick, allowing you to write the names of your guests, tables or jot notes.” – Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Guide

As an Event Planner, Places Everyoneis an ideal tool to assist me in planning my events.” – Customer, Reston, VA

“I could not have planned my wedding without it” – Customer, New York, NY

Places Everyone “saved me countless hours. It’s wonderful! Even my caterer asked me where he could buy it!” – Customer, New York, NY

“We are pleased to add the Places Everyone seating planner to our inventory. The planner satisfies a previously unfilled niche in our online catalog of wedding-related items, and will be an asset to the brides and grooms who are our customers.” – Dealer, St. Louis, MO