Which Kit is Best for Me

Standard Kit

Perfect for any party or event up to 150 guests. Having a larger affair? The gold-colored floor can easily accommodate up to 200 guests. Extra pieces are available.


Double Kit

Add twice the amount of pieces of a Standard Kit and save 10%! Perfect for any party or event from 300-400 guests.



Stop any argument before it starts! 1 Standard Kit for you, 1 for your Mother and one for your Future Mother-in-Law! Includes shipping to 3 separate addresses at no additional charge!


Sit Here! Bark Mitzvah or Kitty Communion Kit

For our PreFur’d Customers! It’s perfect for humans and animals alike, Includes a Standard Kit and a personalized certificate honoring the Bark Mitzvah or Kitty Confirmation.


Questions? Having a larger event?