In the past, planning seating arrangements for Bar, Bat and “B” Mitzvahs has been stressful and boring. Who is going to sit where? What about the kids? Can Aunt Esther sit with Uncle Shlomo?  Places Everyone is not computer software, and anyone can use it!

Places Everyone is a “Green”, earth-friendly product – it’s completely re-usable!

For just pennies per guest, with Places Everyone, these problems are solved. Quite simply, Places Everyone is the best way to easily organize seating arrangements. It allows you to add, remove or change the location of your guests, tables and even the band or DJ!

Bark Mitzvahs / Cat-Munions

Having a Bark Mitzvah or Cat-munion?  Our special Furry Friends kit comes complete with a certificate with your pets name! Click here for details.