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Places Everyone – Product Info
Each Standard Kit Includes:
150 People Placers 15 Small Round Tables
(each can fit up to 12)
5 Large Round Tables
(each can fit up to 16)
16 Rectangular Tables. Perfect for a dais,”L-shaped” tables or to mark the bar or coat room!
1 “Sweethearts'” Table 1 Music Symbol
1 Pen and 1 Eraser Stick 1 “Floor”


Which kit is best for me?
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MSRP – $49.95
Perfect for any party or event up to 150 guests.
Having a larger affair? The floor can easily accommodate up to 200 guests. Extra pieces are available.

MSRP – $94.90
Add twice the amount of pieces of a Standard Kit and save 10%! Perfect for any party or event from 300-400 guests.

MSRP – $148.00
Stop any argument before it starts! 1 Standard Kit for you, 1 for your Mother and one for your Future Mother-in-Law! Includes shipping to 3 separate addresses at no additional charge!

MSRP – $49.95
For our PreFur’d Customers! It’s perfect for humans and animals alike, Includes a Standard Kit and a personalized certificate honoring the Bark Mitzvah or Kitty Confirmation.

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small round table with People Placers large with table with People Placers 2 rectangular tables with People Placers